Help for a Builder-Awkward Layout House

I was called by a builder to have a look at this cute house which has been on the market for  4 months with no offers.  It’s a 2 bedroom, one bath and 885 sq ft on the main floor and an undeveloped basement.  Great for downsizers or first time home buyers.


The main concern of buyers was the layout of the open concept living space, which is awkward and very difficult to visualize as furnished.  And that is why he called me in:)

This is the area that was causing the problem.

img_6910-2   img_6914-2

It is one long skinny space with the width of living area being just 10 ft at the narrowest point.  How to fit enough seating, a TV, and a dining area so that the space is not cramped was a challenge.

I used a condo sized  sofa/loveseat. Glass coffee and end tables helped to visually make the room more spacious.  I used only one end table and lamp and put a chair with a small table and floor lamp in the nook across from the sofa.  For staging purposes I brought in a TV stand/TV and placed it opposite the loveseat, which is where the wall mount TV would likely go.  I brought in a simple rug to tie the seating area together and to make it more cosy.  I added some art, pillows, throws and accessories and  voila!

p1030333  img_7011-2

But I still had to get table and chairs in the dining area, which is also quite small.

p1030271   p1030301-2

The dining area has a beautiful light fixture but it seemed to be overpowering the space because it is so large.  A rectangular table helps to balance the dining area.  It is a table with 4 chairs and by placing two chairs on each side of the longest side of the table, it frees up much needed space for great traffic flow.

Hopefully we have solved the dilemma of furniture placement for the buyers and it will now sell.

Have a house that needs help to sell?  Call me!  Staging works!




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