It’s NOT about YOU!

It’s not about YOU!

As a professional home stager, education is a part of my job description.  I explain to sellers what they need to do (or not do) to sell their house quickly for top dollar.  And as with every learning experience, there are fast learners, slow learners and some who (choose) not to learn at all.  This post addresses some of the issues that sellers have to understand when selling their home.

The most important and #1 lesson that has to be learned:  It’s NOT about you anymore!  It’s about your potential buyers.  What do buyers want today?  If you can figure that out and implement it, your chances of selling your house will skyrocket.

#2 lesson:  Staging is MUCH more than moving some furniture around and adding pretty accessories.  Staging involves advice on updates, repairs, curb appeal, paint colors.  Stagers also address traffic flow, hang appropriate art in correct size and height, create focal points, repurpose/remove furniture and accessories, add suitable furniture and accessories, hang window coverings when appropriate, address lighting issues and much more.

#3 lesson:  Most buyers can’t see beyond what is in front of them.  If a bedroom is showing as a playroom or office, they have great difficulty visualizing it as a bedroom.

#4 lesson:  For most people, vacant rooms are just as difficult to visualize because there is no frame of reference as to the size, function, layout, etc.

#5 lesson:  The majority of buyers today are looking for a move in ready home, and they are willing to pay more for it.

#6 lesson:  Most, not all, sellers cannot effectively stage their own home because they do not have the objectivity that it requires.

#7: lesson:  Decorating and staging are OPPOSITES.  Decorating is geared toward the owners preference in colors, style, etc. while staging is geared toward the target market…likely not the sellers preference in taste at all.

#8 lesson:  Every house benefits from staging, no matter what the price point.  Million dollar houses and even beautifully decorated houses will all need some amount of staging.

#9 lesson:  Updating and repair work is just as important, probably more important, than the necessary decluttering, depersonalizing and neutralizing that every house needs.

#10 lesson:  Next to a stager, a seller’s best friend is a professional photographer.  Over 90% of buyers today start their search for a new home on the internet.  What is the point fixing, updating, staging your home if you have no pictures or poor quality pictures online?

#11 lesson:  In the vast majority of cases, the cost to stage your home for 3 months will be much less than your first price reduction.

#12 lesson:  Curb appeal is just as important as the interior.  Most people will do a drive-by of your house before they decide if they want to see it inside.


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