Do You Really Want to Know?

Do You Really Want to Know

WHY you have no offers on your house

Is it because…..

A.  Listing price is too high – Your house is ultimately worth what a buyer will pay for it, not what you think it is worth.

B.  Doesn’t show well – If your house is cluttered, needs updates and repairs you are  leaving money on the table.  Expect a low ball offer though.

C.  Too taste specific Buyers do not care that you spent $XXX on custom drapery, (they are likely going to remove it anyway), or that you have the best china doll collection on the planet or that you love that hand-painted stencil you did on the wall.

 D. Poor location – This is the one factor you cannot change.  That is why it is SO important to eliminate all the other negatives and play up every positive.

E.  Ineffective marketing – You cannot get offers if nobody knows about your house and nobody will know about it unless it is well advertised and marketed to the target audience.

F.  Poor curb appeal – Most potential buyers will do a drive-by of your home to help them decide if they want to see the inside. Often the curb appeal outside is an indication of the inside.  Make sure you reel them in!

G.  Limited accessibility to view your home. Buyers are busy today, and if it is a hassle to get a showing, they will often move on.

Do You Really Want to Know

HOW to get offers on your house?

A.  List your house at a realistic price.   Listen to your Realtor’s advice.

B.  Make your house move-in ready by updating flooring, countertops, bathroom fixtures, faucets, etc.  Repair all those little items you have been putting off, such as a cracked tile, leaky faucet, squeaky floor, etc.  De-clutter every room and paint in neutral colors to appeal to as many people as possible.

C.  Remove all taste specific items and features such as elaborate window draperies, collections of any kind, diplomas, trophies and certificates and personal photos.

D.  You cannot change the location but you can play up other aspects of the house to downplay that negative.

E.  Choose a Realtor who is an aggressive marketer. The more people that know your house is for sale, the more viewings you will get and therefore the probability of more offers.

F.  Ramp up that curb appeal and you will get more viewers without a doubt.  Ensure the grounds are immaculate, trim shrubs and trees that may be blocking the windows, remove children’s toys, gardening tools, garbage containers, etc., plant some brightly colored flowers near the entrance, replace your door hardware, doorbell, mailbox or house numbers if needed.  Stain the deck, steps and railings if necessary, touch up the paint on the windows or house as needed.

G.  Make your home available for viewings at a moments’ notice.  Have a lockbox installed so that any Realtor can bring their client to see your house. If buyers are thwarted in their attempt to see your house when it is convenient for them, they will often move on.  Many times it is inconvenient to have viewings but if you are serious about selling, you will have to put up with it for a while.  


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