Buyers Don’t Care!

To all you home sellers out there:
The vast majority of buyers DON’T CARE if 

1.  you have the most accomplished family in the world; they are here to see the house, not your trophies, awards and certificates.
2.  you have best collection of porcelain dolls, plates, guns on the planet.
3.  you have the most beautiful family ever; all those family pictures are extremely distracting.
4.  your home has been recently decorated; they are likely going to change it anyway.
5.  you just spent $XXXX for custom draperies/valances.
6.  you have a bottom line; they are only interested in THEIR bottom line.
Buyers DO CARE if:
1.  the curb appeal leaves much to be desired.
2.  the walls need a paint job either because of condition or non-neutral colors.
3.  there is an odour of pets, cooking, or cigarettes.
4.  the flooring is dated or in poor shape.
5.  there is not much visible storage.
6.  lighting fixtures, faucets, appliances, and counter tops are outdated.
7.  the house is not as clean as their own standards.
So the bottom line is before you put your house on the market:
1.  Improve your curb appeal. 
2.  Edit and organize every closet, pantry, shelf, cabinet.
3.  Do all the painting, repairs and updates.
4.  Scrub, scrub, scrub everything.  A house can never be too clean.
If your house shows well, is marketed well and priced correctly, you will sell, guaranteed!
If your house does not show well it will not sell even if it is marketed well and priced correctly.  You will get lots of low ball offers because of the perceived value of the house by the buyers. 
So, to get the best possible price for your house in the least possible time, make sure you get your house market ready before listing it.  

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