Most Beautiful Place in the World, IMHO

Today, on a rare, sunny and windless (but cold) day, my husband and I hiked to the most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear. Cape Spear is just outside of our capital city St. John’s.

If you don’t know where St. John’s, Newfoundland is, just look as far east in North America on a map as you can….and there I am, in St. John’s. Hmmm, an island, in the middle of the North Atlantic…..why would anyone live here? Here are just a few reasons why we make this rugged island our home.

• Where else can you find such breathtaking beauty?
• Where else can you find such clean unpolluted air?
• Where else does everybody speak to each other when they pass on the street or in an elevator?
• Where else can you go where there is rarely a traffic problem?
• Where else do people care for neighbors/friends like family?
• Where else is the economy booming?
• Where else can you buy real estate at such good prices?
• Where else can you live that has no snakes, skunks or porcupine?
• Where else are icebergs a common sight every spring?
• Where else are there rarely earthquakes (last one was in 1930s), never tornadoes or cyclones?

But don’t move to this rugged province in Canada if you

• Want consistently good weather….wind, snow and RDF (rain, drizzle fog) is our specialty.
• Want to live in a high rise condo (we don’t have any).
• Want to live in a huge city (St. John’s and suburbs is only about 200,000).
• Want subways to get you places (no subway, but there is a public transit system (bus).
• Dislike being close to the ocean (we are surrounded by water).
• Want 100% travel reliability (flights and ferries are often affected by the weather).

I could go on and on, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so here a few we took on our hike to Cape Spear.

All too often, the price of living in the North Atlantic.

Original lighthouse…..lighthouse keeper`s house is built around it.

Present automated lighthouse in the background


Coastline with Signal Hill in the background


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