Stage my home to sell??!!

1.  I can’t afford it!

Recent statistics from HomeGain show that you would get at least 300% return on your investment.  Can you afford NOT to stage?

2.   I don’t need it!

Even homes
that are nicely decorated by a professional will need some
staging.  Your home has been decorated to
suit your tastes….which is great  when you are living there.   But now the home is a commodity and must
appeal to the greatest number of buyers possible to ensure a quick sale.

I can do it myself!

Maybe you
can….but if you can you are in the minority. 
The vast majority of home owners cannot be objective about their own
home.  They have an emotional attachment
to it because they have put so much time, care, love  and money into it over the years and  there are likely so many memories.

4.  Buyers understand and can see past my things.

90%  of people cannot visualize the
potential in a home…which is why it is so important to SHOW them by staging it.

5. It’s too much work!

It sure can
be a lot of work, depending on the house. A stager can help you prioritize and
even help you with the de-cluttering, sorting, organizing, etc.  If you want to sell your house, you will have
to do the work eventually anyway.  Why
not get a head start by doing it before your home goes on the market….you will
sell your house faster and likely for more money than if you didn’t.

I don’t have time!

Again, that’s
where a stager comes in.  Even the fees
paid to a stager will not exceed your first price reduction if you don’t stage.
 And you will sell your home faster which
means less carrying costs and less stress!

It doesn’t work anyway!

have repeatedly shown that staged homes sell in half the time and for more
money than comparable un-staged homes. (Check
). A good Realtor will price your home correctly,
market it effectively and have it staged beautifully.  When those three conditions work together, it
is a winning combination and it WILL sell.


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