Why stage vacants?

Why stage a vacant house?  Many people think it’s a waste of money…..just leave it empty so that the buyers can see how spacious it is, etc.  But recent statistics show that vacant homes do not sell as fast as furnished/staged homes and they usually sell for less money.  Why is that?  There are a few reasons:

  • The vast majority of people buy a house on emotion. People like to buy a home not a house. They want to get that ‘Ahhh, I could so live here!” feeling. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get that homey, inviting feeling if the house is vacant.
  • In a vacant home, most  buyers have difficulty determining the actual size of the room and what would fit in it.  They think, “Will my sofa fit here”?  or “Can I fit my large dining table here”? Take all doubt from their minds….show them!  In reality small rooms look larger when properly furnished.
  •  The first impression that 94% of buyers will get of any house is from the MLS/online photos.  If the photos simply show a vacant room, it sure won’t stand out against a similar home that is beautifully furnished/staged. 
  • The majority of people cannot envision themselves living in a vacant house.  They cannot imagine  their family sitting down to dinner at a non-exsistent table, or cuddled up on the couch watching TV if there is no couch and no TV.
  • A vacant house puts equal emphasis on the positives and negatives of a house.  Yes, buyers may be able to clearly see the architecture of a vacant house but they will also clearly see an oddly placed window/door, the not-so-neutral paint colors, etc. How much better to emphasize the architecture with beautiful staging techniques and play down the oddly placed window/door by showing how to actually place furniture and accessories to make it work.  Even odd paint colors can work so much better when incorporated into the overall plan of the stager.
There is one point I would like to make about staging that a lot of people don’t ‘get’.  Staging is NOT about covering up defects in the house, such as putting a rug over a floor that is in bad shape, or hanging things on the wall just to cover up holes/dents in the walls, or hanging drapes to hide cracked windowpanes, etc.  A professional stager will recommend getting all those things fixed BEFORE any staging occurs.  If they are not fixed, some stagers will actually refuse to stage the home. Others will stage it, but make pains to ensure no defect is deliberately covered up.….they will, however, try to de-emphasize those defects by emphasizing all the good features of the house.

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