What NOT to do when selling your home

Assuming that you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar (and I’m sure everybody does), here are some things NOT to do, or NOT to assume.

1.  Do not assume that most buyers will love your decor as much as you do. (Most likely won’t.)

2.  Do not assume that buyers can see past the ‘stuff’ and see the home for what it is. (They can’t.)

3.  Do not assume that it is costly to stage your home. (It’s not, considering the return you will get.)

4.  Do not try to mask odors with various products.  (Get rid of the odors.)

5.  Do not neglect curb appeal.  (Most buyers will do a drive-by first, often before even contacting the realtor.)

6.  Do not leave a lot of family photos or any type of collection on display.  (It’s distracting and also too personal, making it difficult for buyers to imagine them-selves living in YOUR home).

7.  Do not leave pets or various pet related items where potential buyers may see them. (Many people are allergic to pets and some people just do not like animals.)

8.  Do not expect to get great results if you do not follow the home stager’s ‘to do’ list.

9.  Do not assume you will like your home after it has been staged.  (Most people do, but some do not because it has become too impersonal for THEM.)

10.  Do not try to decorate your home to sell….it needs to be MARKETED through staging, not decorated.


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