Vacant vs furnished

I have noticed lately that many people think that if a home is vacant, it will show how big it is and therefore sell quickly.  Statistics, in fact, show the exact opposite. According to RESA, stats released February 2010 show that staged homes spent 78% less time on the market than vacant homes. Why is that?  I believe the main reason is that most people cannot visualize how a room would look with furniture and accessories in it.  They do not know if their sofa would fit in this space, or if this room is big enough for a king sized bed…so they go away unsure whether the space would work for them.  That is why staging works…we show them visually that yes, your sofa could fit here, yes the king sized bed could work in this room, etc.  I recently staged a vacant downtown, quirky heritage home.  First when I saw it,  I was unsure how I could get furniture to fit in the different spaces.  Not only were the rooms small, but there were no right angles …the rooms were actually trapezoids!  Why the home was built this way is a mystery to me but it obviously had something to do with the fact it was built in the 1800s.  It did have high ceilings and original plaster crown moldings, baseboards and chair rail and all of the original heavy wooden doors and even an original pocket door. It also had four original fireplaces, two of them working!

Here is the master bedroom before it was staged.  A very small room with a tiny closet and a wonky shape!  At first glance I was doubtful if we could fit a queen bed in this space, let alone a dresser or highboy for badly needed storage.

Here is the room after I staged it.  Not only did I fit a queen sized bed in here with a night table, but also a dresser/entertainment unit and there is still room for a highboy.

This is a good illustration of how to turn doubting clients into buying clients.  Not only does it take all question from their minds as to the actual size of the room, but since buying a house is usually an emotional decision, this cosy bedroom helps to set the stage for them. They can imagine themselves in this bedroom, curled up on the bed in front of the fire, reading a book or watching TV.  It appeals to their emotions and often results in a sale.


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