Realtors….five reasons to hire a stager

Real estate agents:  Five reasons to hire a stager to stage your listings.

1.  I can save you time…at your request I will meet with your client before the property is listed to give a consultation and explain what needs to be done to sell the house quickly. This frees up more of your time for pursuing other leads, marketing, etc.

2.  I can help you make more money….statistics show that staging sells a house in about half the time and for more money than unstaged houses.  This means a lower possibility of a price reduction and less money spent on marketing the property….which means more money in your pocket.

3.  I can relieve you of the stress of telling your clients their house needs work.  Sometimes this can become awkward, but I am trained in handling such situations.  Let me do the ‘dirty work’!

4.  I will provide you with good quality photos (after the house is staged) for the MLS listing.

5.  The investment in staging is less than the first price reduction.


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